Short description A person is blindfolded and led to a tree. After “hugging” the tree the person is returned to the starting point, and has to guess which tree he or she hugged.
Instructions The participants go together in pairs. One person is blindfolded and the other one leads the blindfolded person to a nearby tree. The blindfolded person now has to use his/her senses to feel, smell etc. the tree. After this the person is returned to the starting position, and the blindfold is removed. The person now has to guess, which tree he or she has been hugging. To make the game more difficult, the blindfolded person should try and guess which species of tree is being hugged.
Type of activity Nature
Section of scouts Any
Number of participants 2 or more
Duration 15-30 minutes
Location Outdoors (a place with trees)
Season Any
Materials None