Short description Use a time-line to illustrate, how long time it takes, for different types of waste to decompose.
Instructions When waste is dropped in nature, it disappears in two ways: either by someone picking it up an removing it, or if left alone it slowly decomposes and disappears. But how long time does it take for different types of waste to disappear? By hanging up a long string, and dividing it into periods (e.g. 1m = 25 years) where the age of the scouts, their parents and grand parents are marked, it is possible to illustrate how fast different types of waste decomposes. This is done by placing different types of waste along the string according to the time of decomposition.

Here are some examples for use:

Orange or banana peal: 2-5 weeks

Cigarette butt without filter: 3 months

Newspaper: 3-12 months

Cigarette pack without cellophane: 1 year

Cigarette filter: 1-5 years

Chewing gum: 5 years

Painted wood: 13 years

Aluminum can: 10-500 years

Plastic bag: 100-1.000 years

Plastic lid: 450 years

Glass bottles: 4.000-1.000.000

Type of activity Nature
Section of scouts Cubs, Scouts, Rovers
Number of participants Any
Duration 30 minutes
Location Indoors
Season Any
Materials A piece of string, small pieces of paper for parting the string into periods, different types of waste according to the list above.