Short description A game to teach the corners of the world and their relative positions
Instructions When in a sandstorm, camels turn their rear end towards the wind, so as to not get sand in their eyes. The participants are now all to be camels in a sandstorm that changes direction very often. The four corners of the world are pointed out (and can also be marked with pieces of paper if necessary). The participants will now bend forward stretching their arms towards the ground, so as to look like camels. One person shouts the direction of the wind (e.g. “wind is coming from the east”), and the “camels” are to turn accordingly.

This activity can be turned into a competition after some practice rounds. People who turn their rear end in the wrong direction, leaves the game. The last “camel” standing is the winner.

Difficulty can be adjusted by tempo and using more directions (NE, SSW etc.).

Type of activity Orienteering
Section of scouts Any
Number of participants Any
Duration 15 minutes
Location Any
Season Any
Materials Sheets of paper if needed