Short description Construct your own racket, ball and net
Instructions Racket:

Get hold of some flexible and relatively thin branches with a length of about one meter. Bend them in to the shape of a head/egg and tie the ends together with a piece of string. Make the “net” of the racket by applying string, and finally mount a thicker stick as a handle.


Take two poles of bamboo of approximately 2,5 meters of length. Dig them a half meter into the ground and mount a piece of tarpaulin between them with some rope.


Tie a monkey fist

Type of activity Knots and rope work
Section of scouts Scouts, Rovers
Number of participants One or more patrols
Duration Half a day or more
Location Outdoors
Season Any
Materials Per racket: 20 meters of string, flexible branch (approximately 1 meter), a stick for handle.

Per net: 1 piece of tarpaulin (at least 4 meters wide), 2 bamboo poles (2,5 meters), rope for attaching tarpaulin to poles, string to mark the badminton court.

Per ball: Approximately 1 meter of string to tie the monkey fist.