Scout badminton Monday, Jan 11 2010 

Short description Construct your own racket, ball and net
Instructions Racket:

Get hold of some flexible and relatively thin branches with a length of about one meter. Bend them in to the shape of a head/egg and tie the ends together with a piece of string. Make the “net” of the racket by applying string, and finally mount a thicker stick as a handle.


Take two poles of bamboo of approximately 2,5 meters of length. Dig them a half meter into the ground and mount a piece of tarpaulin between them with some rope.


Tie a monkey fist

Type of activity Knots and rope work
Section of scouts Scouts, Rovers
Number of participants One or more patrols
Duration Half a day or more
Location Outdoors
Season Any
Materials Per racket: 20 meters of string, flexible branch (approximately 1 meter), a stick for handle.

Per net: 1 piece of tarpaulin (at least 4 meters wide), 2 bamboo poles (2,5 meters), rope for attaching tarpaulin to poles, string to mark the badminton court.

Per ball: Approximately 1 meter of string to tie the monkey fist.


Tying knots with your toes Monday, Jan 11 2010 

Short description The scouts, either alone or in pairs of two, tie knots using only their toes
Instructions This game can even be turned into a competition, where one person shouts the name of a knot and the scouts (or pairs hereof) are to tie that knot as fast as possible. To make the two
Type of activity Knots and rope work
Section of scouts Cubs, Scouts
Number of participants Any
Duration 10-20 minutes
Location Any
Season Any
Materials One piece of rope per person